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Second Grade Experts photo

Second Grade Experts

You might be surprised to know that second graders at Antioch are experts on a variety of topics. These kids are writing about topics they are already an authority on. They write about their own experiences with the topic and then use sources to fill in the gaps. They use mentor texts to see and understand how other authors set up their nonfiction texts and how the various text features can be laid out. These writers use some of the strategies they are familiar with from the personal narrative unit like show not tell. This is where writers teach their reader through development of the topic instead of just listing ideas. They revise throughout instead of just at the end. They check on spelling, punctuation and use transition words.


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Excited About Ecosystems- 5th Graders Share What They've Learned! photo

Excited About Ecosystems- 5th Graders Share What They've Learned!

 In science, the fifth graders' first unit of study was ecosystems. An ecosystem is a community of living organisms and nonliving components of their environment interacting as a system.

Students learned about many different vocabulary words such as, producers, consumers, decomposers, biotic, abiotic, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, predator, prey, population, community, ecologist, estuary, terrestrial, aquatic, photosynthesis, food chain , food web, and many more….please ask any fifth grader for the definition and they should be more than happy to define any of these words for you!


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