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We’ve Got Problems!  Our Characters Have the Solutions! photo

We’ve Got Problems! Our Characters Have the Solutions!

 Third grade writers at Antioch Elementary are authors of Realistic Fiction. They have recently published their stories and are very proud of their work.  

Writers began by looking at events in their own lives for potential story ideas.

Together classes brainstormed how these events could go differently. Students used a graphic organizer in the form of a story mountain which pushed them to think about where the story begins, what events take place, and how it ends.

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Congratulations, Alyx! photo

Congratulations, Alyx!

Alyx Beausoleil is a fifth grade student at Antioch who was recently awarded the opportunity to participate in the 2014 North Carolina Honors Choir. This was a huge honor for Alyx and Antioch.

Back in May, Alyx was selected to submit an audition tape for the choir. She was had to perform the song “Et Exultavit” a song entirely in Latin for her audition. After her audition was recorded and submitted we had to wait to hear back from the judges. In October the judges announced the list of singers performing in the ensemble. There were just over six hundred auditions for the group and only 200 of them were granted a spot in the ensemble.

Alyx then had to memorize her parts in each song and prepare for the performance. On the weekend of November 8th and 9th Alyx, her family, and Mr. Michael, Antioch’s music teacher, went up to Winston-Salem for the rehearsals. She rehearsed with all of the other members in the ensemble for seven hours on Saturday. The conductor of the group was the nationally known choral composer, Tom Shelton. The rehearsals went from 8-11 and again from 1-5 on Saturday. The students were then given the night off to explore Winston. On Sunday they had to report bright and early for their next round of rehearsals.

At noon on Sunday, November 9th, Alyx got to go on stage at the Stevens Center Auditorium in Winston- Salem. She sang with the best young singers in North Carolina to an audience of over 1,000 members. Alyx did a wonderful job and represented Antioch beautifully all weekend. Congratulations to her and keep singing!

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